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How can Cheshire Mac Repairs help?

Cheshire Mac Repairs are experts at fixing all Macs. If you’re in need of an affordable, effective and reliable Mac repair service in Cheshire, then we’re here for you. Simply bring your Apple device to our Crewe repair shop for a free diagnostic and fast turn-around.  We are specialists in all kinds of Apple Mac repairs, graphic card problems and data recovery. Our services are designed to cater for customer’s everyday needs at reasonable prices and we’re able to repair and support all types of Apple Mac laptops and PCs including the Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac and Mac Pro.

Mac Repairs

If you are looking for a fast effective Apple Mac repair, using genuine Apple and OEM parts also carried out by Trained Technicians, then look no further. We offer a free diagnostic, so you can sure before committing any money.

Hardware Upgrades

In most cases, buying a machine is not necessary, usually by adding more memory or increasing your hard drive capacity we can transform your Desktop or Laptop at a fraction of the cost of buying a new Mac.

Data Recovery

Most computer users now back up their data regularly, however there are times when a hard drive fails and valuable data is lost. We’re able to offer a software based recovery solution to recover your lost files.

Software Installation

We appreciate that from time to time you may need to upgrade or replace the software you are using on your machine, we can assist you in installing and setting up your new software either in our office or in the comfort of your own home.

Liquid Damage Revival

Liquid Damage requires the complete disassembly of the computer and the removal and cleaning of all connections to remove corrosion. We offer a free diagnostic, so you can be sure before committing any money.


Do you have a list of irritating things your computer won’t do, or things you’ve got stuck with? Or perhaps you’ve just acquired a new computer and it just isn’t the same as the old one? We offer short free introductory lessons both here and your home.